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An introduction to John Hunt Publishing. An independent publisher with sales teams worldwide welcoming new authors and unsolicited manuscript submissions. We publish Fiction and Non-Fiction, across 24 imprints.

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John Hunt Publishing was founded in the United Kingdom in 2001, originally named O Books, a name which it continues to use as one of its imprints, in the “mind, body, and spirit” market. Its Zero Books imprint was founded by Tariq Goddard and Mark Fisher in 2009. John Hunt Publishing then underwent a major reorganization in 2010.

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John Hunt Publishing has 1769 entries in their OverDrive catalogue

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John Hunt Publishing Ltd. brings out a couple of hundred or so h2s a year across a wide variety of subjects, under different imprints. We started in the early 2000s in the Mind Body Spirit area with O-Books, and that has spun off a number of more specialist MBS imprints, including Moon Books on paganism.

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Circle Books explores a wide range of disciplines within the field of Christian faith and practice. It also draws on personal testimony and new ways of finding and expressing God’s presence in the world today.

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John Hunt Publishing – Reviewed

John Hunt Publishing is a UK-based publisher founded in 2001 under the name of O Books. The publisher offers traditional publishing deals and what it describes as co-operative publishing for authors. Following a reorganisation in 2010, the company now publishes approximately 300 h2s per year with global sales and a focus on physical stores.

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– I believe John Hunt Publishing take advantage of the lines being blurred between vanity presses and self publishing. They charge for many authors’ services like editing and marketing. – They should tell you BEFORE you submit the initial query that they may charge you for services that every other traditional publisher does gratis.