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It usually takes 1 to 3 weeks for you to receive a response from the Nike Product Testing program. If accepted you will be notified via email and Nike will periodically send invitations to participate in one of their product testings. Testers are asked to wear the shoes and give their input on how the product feels, acts, and performs.

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First, you need to apply on their Product Testing page. You’ll then be asked simple, specific questions about you: what products you’re interested in (apparel, footwear, or both), your age, gender, height, weight, clothing size, and shoe size. They’ll all be used to determine your eligibility to be a product tester.

5. Nike Product Testing: How To Get Free Nike Shoes In 2021

So here’s the skinny on how you can become a Nike product tester. What Is Nike Product Testing? Nike is continually trying and developing new products, and they need feedback from real world users. This feedback lets them make tweaks to their designs and materials. That’s where you come in as a product tester. Nike sends their product testers gear prototypes, meaning this is stuff that isn’t on the shelves yet.

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Step 1: Go to Voice of the Athlete which is Nike’s official product testing site at and hit the “Apply” button. Step 2: Read the rules (Nike product testing recruitment code) and submit your application. Step 3: Get approved and start testing. Note: Voice of the Athlete is a new website. The company’s old product testing site was located at which no longer works.

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The Nike Product Testing program is a great way to test out Nike shoes and apparel for a limited amount of time. As you can see, you will have to put forth some effort, but hey, if you want to rent some pretty cool Nike shoes for the time being, then, by all means, go ahead and apply.

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Product Testing Isn’t a Career. When you’re a product tester for Nike, you get to play a role in determining the future of cutting-edge athletic gear. However, this opportunity isn’t a job. You won’t get paid for testing Nike’s products and you won’t receive any benefits. Volunteering as a product tester is something that you’ll do in your free …