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1. Salesforce Lightning: The Future of Sales and CRM …
Run your business better on Lightning Experience. Get more accurate and comprehensive data about business performance. Increase user engagement and generate better insight in areas such as sales pipeline or service operations. SEE IT IN ACTION

2. Salesforce Lightning – Personalized Apps from Salesforce …

Build apps on the Salesforce Platform with no-code tools and take your CRM to the next level. Lightning is the foundation of everything you do to extend and get more value from CRM. And now myLightning tools help everyone do even more to personalize apps and brand your employee experience.

3. What is Salesforce Lightning? | Lightning Aura Components …

Lightning components accelerate development and app performance. Develop custom components that other developers and admins can use as reusable building blocks to customize Lightning Experience and the Salesforce mobile app.

4. Lightning Login: The Best Feature You’ve … – Salesforce Live
That’s Lightning Login, and it’s available for every Salesforce organization, regardless of version and whether you have enabled Lightning Experience.We’ll show you how to log into an org using Lightning Login and how to enable it for your Salesforce instance. Watch the latest videos from Salesforce A Single, 360 Shared View of Every Customer

5. Salesforce Lightning: The Complete Guide
In the words of Salesforce, Lightning is “a next-level experience, platform, and ecosystem.” Salesforce Lightning is the next evolution of the renowned CRM, which introduces a new interface designed to help employees work faster and smarter. However, the changes that come with Lightning Experience extend far beyond the interface.

6. Salesforce Lightning – Accelerate

Salesforce Lightning

SALESFORCE LIGHTNING Simplify the building process of an app. Make your business future-proof by moving to Salesforce Lightning. Empower your sales team with exciting new features exclusive to Lightning. We help you create completely customizable workflows that cater to your needs and are incredibly scalable to build bigger apps in the future. Collaborate with us […]

7. Field Service Lightning Consultant – Salesforce

Salesforce credentials are a great way to grow your résumé and highlight your skills. They prove that you have hands-on experience with Salesforce and give you a competitive edge that loivereads to new opportunities. … Prepare for Your Salesforce Field Service Lightning Consultant Credential.

8. Login | Salesforce
Salesforce Customer Secure Login Page. Login to your Salesforce Customer Account.

9. Build Various Salesforce Apex Lightning components …

Need a Salesforce Lightning component and apex developer with Admin skills also to build multiple POCs ( 4-5) per month in Salesforce, using Lightning Aura/LWC, and other SF features. Able to research on new features launched by SF and also provide documentation as needed and deliver best practices code solutions, test classes, etc.